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Colorado Springs, Colorado Radon Mitigation

Colorado Springs, Colorado Radon MitigationSince radon gas has no smell or color it can only be detected with special tests. The fee for radon gas testing is quite low, and Colorado radon mitigation specialists can outfit your home with a system that will keep you protected for many years to come. A Colorado mitigation expert will test the radon levels in your home to determine whether or not intervention is required. If a system is needed to keep the radon vented safely outdoors, our radon remediation Colorado Springs team will be able to handle the problem for you quickly and safely.

Colorado Springs radon mitigation teams will test the air in your home and let you know what the level is and what the recommendations are. CO radon removal specialists and radon remediation experts can install the necessary systems to keep your family protected. Radon mitigation area teams are standing by to take care of your Colorado home or business radon removal needs.

In the state of Colorado, roughly one quarter of homes have radon levels that are acceptably low. These homes would not require CO removal treatments. Roughly 20% of homes in the Colorado area have levels between 2 and 3.9 pCi/L. These homeowners may decide to ignore the problem if no one is living in the basement of the home. However, remediation experts and mitigation crews strongly recommend investing in a removal system for the peace of mind radon removal provides. Radon gas can increase to dangerous levels at any time without the homeowner being aware of the change.

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The other 55% of homes in Colorado are found to have dangerous levels of radon gas in them. S.W.A.T Environmental Colorado Springs radon mitigation teams and remediation specialists are prepared to make the necessary changes to your homes ventilation to help you stay safe. Radon levels can be high in one section of a neighborhood and low in another. The best way to stay safe is to have the air in the home tested for radon gas levels and then call in a S.W.A.T Environmental radon mitigation experts to have the necessary system installed.

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