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Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 02:10 PM
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Air Quality in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, CO Indoor Air QualityColorado Springs, CO residents are celebrating air quality awareness month. For this month, people nationwide are educating themselves on the dangers of poor air quality, and taking action against it. While you may think there is no way you can change the air quality of the world we live in, you can easily improve the air quality of your Colorado Springs home.

To break it down simply, there are two types of air quality residents should be concerned about in Colorado Springs. The first type is outdoor air quality. While outdoor air quality is dangerous, it is important to know that every year 2 million people die from poor indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality may come from several sources, but we have found the most dangerous source to be radon gas.

Outdoor Air Quality in Colorado Springs

The EPA has created an index to value the level of pollutants in the Colorado Springs area by summarizing the levels of four major pollutants into one single number. The pollutants measured are carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, particle pollution, and ground level ozone. The levels of these can range from 0 to 500 on the scale commonly known as the air quality index.

While this is a fairly large scale for accurate readings, you should know that anything above fifty indicates a health risk for Colorado Springs residents. The scale only increases with higher tolls to your health and the environment with a larger number. While it may seem crazy, the United States normally experiences levels above two hundred several times each year.

Indoor Air Quality of Colorado Springs

The real danger for Colorado Springs residents is indoor air quality. As many of us spend most of our time in our homes, breathing in dangerous gas can cause severe long term effects. Radon gas is one of the main causes of this poor health. Naturally occurring, radon forms from radium breaking down in the soil underneath your Colorado Springs home. This radon will seep into your home through the foundation, or enter through a number of other entrances.

As no one tests for it, radon can actually even form from building materials. Granite countertops are a common source for this intrusive gas. The EPA has done studies which have proven that radon causes lung cancer, and without proper mitigation techniques, you are exposing yourself and your family to this life taking gas.

S.W.A.T. Environmental has decades of radon mitigation experience. We also have the certifications and knowledgeable staff to answer your questions, and more importantly dramatically reduce the radon levels of your home. We have techniques proven to reduce levels in Colorado Springs homes by as much as 99%. During this month of air quality awareness call us up for a free quote, and take a grip on your family’s health with a brand new radon mitigation system from S.W.A.T. Environmental.

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Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 02:10 PM
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Colorado Springs Radon Mitigation Company Recognized

Inc. 5000 Radon Mitigation Company Colorado Springs, COColorado Springs local radon mitigation company, S.W.A.T. Environmental, has just received national recognition by Inc. Magazine as one of the nation’s fastest growing businesses. Inc. Magazine is the leading source for all things business related in America. Every year Inc. Magazine ranks the fastest growing 5,000 companies, and for the first time ever, a radon mitigation company made the list. Ranked thirteenth in fastest growing financial services companies, S.W.A.T. Environmental has seen 155% growth over the past three years, and has added over sixty employees. According to S.W.A.T. Environmental’s CFO, we are on pace to have twelve million dollars in revenue for 2012.

Why a Radon Mitigation Company Grows so Fast

Being one of the nation’s fastest growing companies may make you wonder, “Why is S.W.A.T. Environmental growing so quickly? Why is radon gas becoming such an important issue?” Let me break the reasoning down into several parts. The first reason that S.W.A.T. Environmental has grown so fast is because of our appreciation for our customers, and hard work ethic. Whenever we receive a phone call from someone questioning whether or not they need a radon mitigation system, we provide the caller with as much information as possible to make a logical choice. Other companies may be pushy with sales, and will not give you all of the details, but we pride ourselves on informing our customers with facts about radon gas.

Secondly, our knowledge, experience, and certifications are second to none when it comes to radon mitigation. If you hire a general contractor, or a handy man to fix your radon problem, you may be in for a surprise. Radon mitigation takes pinpoint accuracy to find the source of the radon, and properly remove it from your Colorado Springs home. If you hire someone who is not certified, does not have years of experience handling different radon problems, and does not have a reputable name, then you may not see the radon reduction that you hoped for. If properly installed, radon mitigation systems may reduce radon levels by as much as 99%. S.W.A.T. Environmental has proven itself as a trusted name in the community of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and thus received many word of mouth customers based off of our quality service.

Lastly, the EPA has helped uncovering truths about radon gas, and its danger throughout the United States. Did you know that over twenty thousand people die each year from radon gas? Did you know that radon may be in your soil, and you would have no way of discovering it due to it being a colorless, odorless gas? The threat of radon is real. Your very life could be dependant upon a properly installed radon mitigation system. As more and more of Colorado Springs residents have discovered the facts about radon gas, we have seen tremendous growth. Do not be the last one to have a qualified, professional, experienced company install a radon mitigation system in your Colorado Springs home. Make the educated choice, and call a S.W.A.T. Environmental representative today.