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Air Purification Systems in Colorado Springs Colorado

Air Purification Colorado Springs ColoradoDid you know that the air outside of your home or place of business might actually be cleaner and fresher than the air inside? It’s true – no matter where you live in the United States – even in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The fact of the matter is that the air inside buildings is generally re-circulated continually on a daily basis. The heating and cooling systems have been designed to reuse the same air (for the purpose of saving energy costs). Unfortunately, this practice means that any viruses, bacteria, germs, and other micro-organisms are probably going to remain present in your indoor air. In fact, all of these organisms probably reproduce and grow larger in numbers on a regular basis. While many homeowners and business owners in Colorado Springs, Colorado use chemicals, ionization, or air filters in an attempt to clean indoor air, none of these methods are very good at cleaning the air. An ultraviolet air purification system is the best way to purify the air that you breathe within your home or place of employment.

Since you live in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area, your home is also at risk of having its air contaminated by radon, a radioactive gas. Since this gas is odorless and colorless, it is important to have your home tested by radon mitigation specialists. If your home does test positive for high levels, then you will need to implement radon mitigation techniques to improve the quality of your indoor air. Our company is trained in radon mitigation strategies and can assist you with this problem.

Cleaning the Air in Your Colorado Springs, Colorado Home Using an Ultraviolet Air Purification System

Fortunately for homeowners residing in Colorado Springs, Colorado, UV air purification systems are now available at an affordable price. In the past, these devices were only used by government buildings and hospitals. However, the efficiency of ultraviolet air purification systems in cleaning air and improving the quality of indoor air is so good that every homeowner living in Colorado Springs, Colorado should consider having a UV air purification system installed.

What is Ultraviolet Air Purification?

The UV air purification system utilizes a special technique involving a sterilization chamber. The air in your building enters the UV air purification system. As the air passes through the sterilization chamber, it is purified. During this sterilization process, nearly 100% of the germs, bacteria, and micro-organisms present are killed. This system does a much better job than using air filters attached to heating and cooling systems, utilizing ionization methods, or using special chemicals designed to clean and purify the air. If your home is in Colorado Springs, Colorado, please contact our company to discuss the installation of an ultraviolet air purification system in your home.

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