Radon Mitigation in Schools in Colorado Springs

Thursday, February 7, 2013 @ 03:02 PM
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Get Radon Mitigation in Schools Now in Colorado Springs

Radon Mitigation in Schools in Colorado SpringsThe need for radon mitigation in schools is increasing as new studies have found that Colorado Springs students may be in more danger than originally thought. New studies have shown that roughly 70,000 schools have at least one classroom with high levels of radon gas. The odds boil down to about one out of five schools. This means that many of our Colorado Springs students are in danger without radon mitigation in schools.

The statistics show that 20,000 people die from radon gas each year, which is more than drunk driving. One out of fifteen homes across America has high levels of radon gas. This has equated to more than one out of every seven cases of lung cancer being caused by radon gas. With all of the publicity and anti-smoking campaigns, who would have ever thought that more than one out of seven lung cancer patients had never smoked a single cigarette? All of this is to say that without radon mitigation in schools, our Colorado Springs, CO children are in grave danger.

Radon seeps into the foundation of buildings after forming naturally in the soil. More often than not, this is the method of entry, but radon may come from your water supply, or even the materials used to build the school. Radon is a naturally occurring, odorless, colorless, radioactive gas. While the threat of radon gas was once debated, we now know that radiation causes cancer, and more specifically, radon gas causes cancer.

Currently, there is a bill in the works created by a congressman from Iowa. This bill would provide grant funding for schools across America to afford radon testing. If schools test results show high levels of radon gas, then schools will also receive grant funding for radon mitigation. This bill would create the safety our Colorado Springs, CO students need, while not interfering with the budget for their education. This ensures the same quality of education and improved safety.

Help Get Radon Mitigation in Schools in Colorado Springs

If you have a child who attends school in the Colorado Springs area, then you need to contact your local politician and help convince them to take up the cause of protecting our children. Radon mitigation in schools is the only way that we can ensure that our schools are not a safety hazard to our children. Write your local principal, school board superintendent, and even congressman, and tell them to make our schools in Colorado Springs a safer place with radon mitigation.

There has been a cycle of lung cancer deaths caused by radon gas that has gone on for generation after generation killing 20,000 each year. With modern science, we are well aware of the threat, and need, for radon mitigation in schools. Without action, we are simply letting our Colorado Springs children suffer. We place mitigation systems in homes and offices to ensure our safety. Now is the time to stand up for the kids.

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