Residential Radon Mitigation

A large number of homes in Colorado Springs, Colorado are at risk of being contaminated with radon, an odorless gas that is known to be carcinogenic. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that homes with a radon level above 4 pCi/L undergo radon mitigation strategies to reduce levels, bringing the air quality within the home back to safe breathing levels.

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Commercial Radon Mitigation

It is complicated enough when a radon problem exists in your home, but when a buildup of radioactive gas is present in your commercial property, the circumstances become more involved. Since you are accountable for the well being of your entire staff, it’s a bit more difficult to handle radon contamination in your commercial building. As a business owner, you must follow state and local regulations regarding radon mitigation within a commercial workplace before you can continue your daily operations.

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Waterborne Radon Reduction

While many people believe that radon only enters a home through the crevices, cracks, and holes located in the foundation and basement walls found at the bottom of the home beneath the earth’s surface, this isn’t necessarily true. There is another way that radon can and does enter a home, contaminating it and creating an unsafe living environment. The truth is that radon can contaminate residential water supplies, putting families at risk of developing lung cancer.

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Air Purification Systems

Did you know that the air outside of your home or place of business might actually be cleaner and fresher than the air inside? It’s true – no matter where you live in the United States – even in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The fact of the matter is that the air inside buildings is generally re-circulated continually on a daily basis. The heating and cooling systems have been designed to reuse the same air (for the purpose of saving energy costs).

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Services For Realtors

Selling or buying a house in Colorado Springs, Colorado involves dealing with a wide range of details. One detail that should not be ignored is the level of radon in the house. The subject makes homeowners and potential home buyers nervous, but it need not be a cause for panic. Of all the potential problems with a house, radon is the easiest to check and one of the fastest to mitigate.

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