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Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 02:10 PM
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Colorado Springs Radon Mitigation Company Recognized

Inc. 5000 Radon Mitigation Company Colorado Springs, COColorado Springs local radon mitigation company, S.W.A.T. Environmental, has just received national recognition by Inc. Magazine as one of the nation’s fastest growing businesses. Inc. Magazine is the leading source for all things business related in America. Every year Inc. Magazine ranks the fastest growing 5,000 companies, and for the first time ever, a radon mitigation company made the list. Ranked thirteenth in fastest growing financial services companies, S.W.A.T. Environmental has seen 155% growth over the past three years, and has added over sixty employees. According to S.W.A.T. Environmental’s CFO, we are on pace to have twelve million dollars in revenue for 2012.

Why a Radon Mitigation Company Grows so Fast

Being one of the nation’s fastest growing companies may make you wonder, “Why is S.W.A.T. Environmental growing so quickly? Why is radon gas becoming such an important issue?” Let me break the reasoning down into several parts. The first reason that S.W.A.T. Environmental has grown so fast is because of our appreciation for our customers, and hard work ethic. Whenever we receive a phone call from someone questioning whether or not they need a radon mitigation system, we provide the caller with as much information as possible to make a logical choice. Other companies may be pushy with sales, and will not give you all of the details, but we pride ourselves on informing our customers with facts about radon gas.

Secondly, our knowledge, experience, and certifications are second to none when it comes to radon mitigation. If you hire a general contractor, or a handy man to fix your radon problem, you may be in for a surprise. Radon mitigation takes pinpoint accuracy to find the source of the radon, and properly remove it from your Colorado Springs home. If you hire someone who is not certified, does not have years of experience handling different radon problems, and does not have a reputable name, then you may not see the radon reduction that you hoped for. If properly installed, radon mitigation systems may reduce radon levels by as much as 99%. S.W.A.T. Environmental has proven itself as a trusted name in the community of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and thus received many word of mouth customers based off of our quality service.

Lastly, the EPA has helped uncovering truths about radon gas, and its danger throughout the United States. Did you know that over twenty thousand people die each year from radon gas? Did you know that radon may be in your soil, and you would have no way of discovering it due to it being a colorless, odorless gas? The threat of radon is real. Your very life could be dependant upon a properly installed radon mitigation system. As more and more of Colorado Springs residents have discovered the facts about radon gas, we have seen tremendous growth. Do not be the last one to have a qualified, professional, experienced company install a radon mitigation system in your Colorado Springs home. Make the educated choice, and call a S.W.A.T. Environmental representative today.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012 @ 07:08 PM
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Why Radon Testing is Important in Colorado Springs

Radon Testing Colorado Springs ColoradoRadon testing is often overlooked on many Colorado Springs homes, but did you know that roughly one out of every fifteen homes has high levels of radon gas? Seeping into your foundation through the soil, or even in your water supply or building materials, radon is a threat that affects all of us, and poses a great danger if not treated. Without being able to see or smell it, radon testing is the only way to figure out if your family is in danger.

Ever year, 21,000 people die from lung cancer caused by radon gas. The number of deaths each year exceeds that of drunk driving, as well as many other home threats such as fires or drowning. We safeguard our stronghold against floods, fires, and other natural disasters with insurance. We inspect our homes often for insects such as termites, and other risks such as mold. Why not have a professional provide your family with radon testing for your Colorado Springs home, to deliver the peace of mind and protection that you need.

Commercial Radon Testing in Colorado Springs

Radon testing in your home is a great idea, but many of us often spend sixty hours or more each week at work. As a business owner, often these hours may increase to an amount of working hours that is not even thought to be humanly possible. If you are inhaling a deadly gas for that many hours each and every week, imagine the health risk you exposing you and your employees to. Protect yourself, and do the right thing for your employees, by having a specialist conduct radon testing on your Colorado Springs place of business.

What to do With Radon Testing Results

As a high risk citizen of this danger by living in Colorado Springs, CO, it is important to know what to make of your testing results. Any radon levels above 4 pCi/L, or picocuries per liter is considered to be dangerous to your health. Did you know that many homes have levels above 27 pCi/L? Some homes have even been recorded of having 270 pCi/L levels of radon gas. If this does not make you aware of the importance, what if I told you that levels of this high are equivalent of smoking 135 packs of cigarettes per day?

Although the consequences and reality of a home with high levels may be scary, it is important to know that the Nation’s most trusted radon company is located right in Colorado Springs. Specializing in radon since 1988, S.W.A.T. Environmental has the radon testing you need to find out if further action is required. If your levels do come back above normal, S.W.A.T. Environmental can create a custom solution for your home to purify the air, and rid your home of this danger. Radon testing is the most important step in this process, so call S.W.A.T. Environmental today. You’ll be glad you did.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 @ 02:03 PM
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Radon Gas is a Silent Killer, Colorado Radon Mitigation Is Necessary

Radon Mitigation Colorado SpringsRadon gas has often been called the “silent killer” since it is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. In sufficiently high concentrations, radon gas can lead to a broad range of health conditions like lung cancer and emphysema, or even death in those exposed to particularly high gas levels. While not a threat in the open air, radon gas in your home or apartment could put your health seriously at risk. Unfortunately, radon gas has been detected in the past in homes in the Colorado Springs area.

Radon gas is naturally produced, and like many gases it seeks to rise to the highest possible point. Therefore, if your home offers any type of opening big enough for the gas to slip in you could find yourself dealing a radon contamination. The gas rises up through the soil, and will seek any minute cracks in your basement or in your foundations through which it could continue rising — into your home. Although a very small amount of radon may not be an issue, once it begins to enter your home, its levels could easily continue to rise until they become deadly. So what are your options for radon mitigation if you find yourself in this position?

SWAT Environmental Radon Mitigation Colorado

Your first step should be to have your home put through a radon gas inspection. Even high levels of radon gas can be impossible to detect on your own. Therefore, it is critical that you bring in a professional with all of the necessary equipment to give your home in Colorado Springs a floor to ceiling sweep. Once the building has been thoroughly checked, and you know just how much radon you do or do not have, the inspector will need to determine how it got into your home in the first place. He will check your basement for cracks and crevices, as well as for any openings in the seams of your foundation. Once all potential entrances have been located, he will check to see if the radon is slipping in through them. Otherwise, you could find yourself in the exact same situation again.

The final step in the radon mitigation process is to seal over these cracks and to clean out the radon gas that has already entered your home. Once the seal has been made and the air cleared, the specialist will check the air again to be sure that the gas levels have not risen again. If they have, it means that there is still another entrance, which he will then have to locate and seal as well.

The process for clearing your Colorado Springs home of radon can take some time as the radon mitigation company works through the process of elimination to find all gas sources. However, given the consequences of an unfixed radon gas problem, in addition to the skills and equipment needed to properly seal any leaks, it is important if you live in this area that you work with a qualified radon mitigation company to keep your family safe.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 @ 09:02 PM
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Radon Gas Poses Danger to Colorado Springs

Radon Gas Colorado SpringsIf you live in the Colorado Springs area you may not realize just how much of a risk radon gas poses to yourself and your family. Some residents of Colorado Springs may feel that radon gas is only a serious problem for those living in the northeast, but the fact is that radon can strike virtually everywhere.

To understand why radon is such a threat to those in the Colorado Springs area, it is a good idea to get to know a little bit about this common gas. Radon gas is present virtually everywhere in the environment, including the Colorado Springs area. Radon can seep up from the ground and the rocks underneath, and once it reaches the surface it is dispersed in the open air.

Radon Gas Invades Colorado

That airborne radon is not much of a threat to residents of the Colorado Springs area, since the concentrations are simply too low to be much of a problem. The threat happens when radon is concentrated in a confined area, such as the interior of your Colorado Springs area home. Once the radon gas makes its way inside your home, it can quickly build up to very high concentrations, and that can put you and your family at serious risk of diseases like lung cancer and emphysema.

The truly dangerous thing about radon contamination is that it is so difficult for Colorado Springs area homeowners to detect. Since radon is invisible, you cannot see it in your home. Since it is odorless you cannot smell it either. In fact, it takes sophisticated and specialized testing equipment to find even high concentrations of radon in your Colorado Springs area home, and until you have your home tested you can never truly know how great the threat really is.

Rid Your Colorado Springs Home From Radon Gas Today

It is also a good idea to know how radon seeps into homes in the Colorado Springs area. Radon can get into your home in a number of different ways, and when you have your home tested the testing contractor will examine all of the potential sources of entry.

Radon can get into your Colorado Springs area home through the soil under the property. Even the tiniest crack in the basement walls or the foundation is enough to allow radon gas to enter, and once there it quickly rises and infiltrates the living space inside your home.

Radon can also get into Colorado Springs area homes thorough contaminated groundwater, and through compromised wells. In fact many wells in the Colorado Springs area already have high concentrations of radon gas, and that means that the residents are at serious risk for a variety of health problems. The only way to know whether radon gas is present in your home, and how serious the threat really is, is to have your home tested by a contractor licensed and certified to do business in the Colorado Springs area.