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Friday, July 20, 2012 @ 04:07 PM
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Waterborne Radon Found In Colorado Springs

Radon in Water Colorado SpringsMany people were alarmed when they heard news about the rising prevalence of waterborne radon in houses in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Instead of panicking, however, simply use this news as motivation to take precautions to protect your family. Radon gas originates in the soil, where it can then contaminate wells and other underground water supplies. Radon is created by radioactive elements like radium that naturally exists in soil and rocks beneath the surface. The release of such gas naturally occurs on a daily basis, either when the gas dissipates into the open air or when radon in water reaches the surface.

A home’s water pipes, if they carry radon in the water, can become a freeway for the gas to contaminate the home. Every home can be a victim of this phenomenon if proper precautions are not taken. Testing to detect this otherwise undetectable substance, and the installation of mitigation systems when necessary, could save you a tremendous amount of money, and potentially heartache, due to health problems and medical bills arising from radon exposure. Radon is a very common cause of lung cancer. This and other health problems caused by radon are rampant simply due to ignorance about their possibility.

How to Deal with Waterborne Radon

Houses with wells are particularly prone to waterborne radon contamination, so if you own such a house, you should be particularly vigilant about having its radon levels tested regularly. SWAT Environmental’s experts can perform this type of test for you. Of course, homes on city water or other water sources should also be tested regularly since they can also become contaminated in some cases. The process for dealing with radon in a home’s water can vary from house to house; SWAT’s experts will be able to determine and implement the ideal strategy for your home. In most cases, a series of specialized filtration and aeration systems will be sufficient to correct the problem.

Alternate Ways to Prevent Radon in Water

Another option to prevent radon in water is to redesign the type of well that supplies your home with water. This is not common, but it may be necessary in certain particularly severe cases. Most bedrock wells contain a higher level of radon gas, whereas the radon from most dug or point wells can be more easily addressed by standard treatment solutions for waterborne radon. Of course, this will not totally eliminate all radon from your house, but it can reduce it to sufficiently low levels that it does not cause you or your family members any harm. Radon in water can be an easy problem to ignore simply due to the fact that you cannot smell, taste or see the gas. As a matter of fact, you often cannot even detect any symptoms of radon poisoning until a significant amount of time has passed. However, that does not change the fact that ignoring the issue can lead to very serious health problems, so have SWAT Environmental make sure your home is safe as soon as possible.

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