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Waterborne Radon in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Waterborne Radon Contamination Colorado Springs ColoradoWhile many people believe that radon only enters a home through the crevices, cracks, and holes located in the foundation and basement walls found at the bottom of the home beneath the earth’s surface, this isn’t necessarily true. There is another way that radon can and does enter a home, contaminating it and creating an unsafe living environment. The truth is that radon can contaminate residential water supplies, putting families at risk of developing lung cancer, this is known as waterborne radon.

When waterborne radon contamination occurs at a residence through its water supply, the residents are exposed to this harmful radioactive gas on a daily basis. Since waterborne radon contamination is just as dangerous as air-borne pollution from radon, it is essential to remove it from your home as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary health risks. Hiring the services of a radon mitigation company to wipe out this contamination problem from your water supply in your Colorado Springs, Colorado home is important if you want to restore the safety of your family.

Radon Contamination in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Such activities as showering, brushing teeth, washing of the hands, washing dishes, cooking, drinking, laundering clothes, and cleaning are completed on a daily basis, making it difficult to avoid using water on any given day. Therefore, it is quite important for homeowners in this position to take necessary steps to alleviate the presence of this harmful waterborne radon gas in order to protect family members from harm. Don’t place your family at risk for even one more day. Prolonged radon exposure leads to lung cancer, and radon exposure is listed as the second leading cause of it. If waterborne radon problems exist in your home, you should consult with a reputable radon mitigation company now.

One of the first things you need to do is to have your property tested for the presence of waterborne radon, as well as air-borne contamination. If your test results come back positive for waterborne radon contamination, then you should look into hiring a reputable radon mitigation company to remove it. This type of radon contamination requires specialized techniques in order to do away with it, especially because this gas is radioactive. The occurrence of waterborne radon contamination is not something that most homeowners in Colorado Springs, Colorado want to think about. After all, they use water on a normal basis for many day-to-day activities and tasks.

SWAT Environmental is a Qualified Waterborne Radon Removal Company in Colorado Springs

An essential aspect of taking this contamination problem seriously is the need to find a reputable radon mitigation company. You should begin your search by vetting each company that you come across. Start by asking to see the company’s certification and license. Next, ask about relevant experience and referrals. Finally, if you believe that you have found a qualified radon mitigation company in Colorado Springs, Colorado you can bring them in to remove the waterborne radon contamination that has infiltrated you home.

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